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Sunshine Coast Woolworths Stores Deliver Revolutionary Ultrasound Machine

25 Jan 2024
Woolworths Team POCUS Presentation for Wishlist

Young patients of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital’s (SCUH) Childrens ward will have drastically improved experiences in hospital with the addition of a brand-new point of care ultrasound machine (POCUS).

Cannulation can be an extremely difficult and painful procedure for young patients with each failed attempt adding to the trauma of a hospital stay.

Dr Clare Thomas explained the impact this new equipment will have.

“It can be really traumatic for both children and parents when numerous attempts are made to insert a cannular, this equipment enables staff to get the cannular in on the first attempt and makes a scary procedure much easier and much quicker.”

“The procedure can take up to 45 minutes in some cases, so it also frees up staff to focus on other areas of our young patient’s treatment.”

Wishlist were able to provide the equipment through a Children’s Hospital Foundation grant which used funds raised by local Sunshine Coast Woolworths stores as part of their 2023 Woolworths Easter appeal.

Local Woolworths team members from across the region visited the Sunshine Coast University Hospital to present the machine to health staff and see where their fundraising efforts go. 

Wishlist CEO, Lisa Rowe said “This equipment is the outcome of local Woolies staff rallying their customers to support the local health services they all rely on.”

“It’s also part of a $1.3million investment that Wishlist has made so far, this financial year alone thanks to generous supporters like the Childrens Hospital Foundation, Woolworths and those that buy the tokens during their Easter appeal.”

Watch Dr Nelson expain what the POCUS machine does and how it helps.

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