Watch - Wishlist's Inaugural Unsung Staff Superstar

28 May 2024

There are thousands of unsung superstars across the Sunshine Coast Health Service but for mortuary technician, Jen Perkin, being told she'd won the inaugural Wishlist's Staff Superstar award came as a complete surprise. 

Nominated by her colleague Krissy Wallace, Jen was recognised for her unwavering empathy in a department that plays a pivotal role in many people's lives across the region.

Jen's nomination stood out amongst over 100 entries from Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service staff members who recognised the incredible work their colleagues do every day.

"Let me tell you about Jen. She's not just any mortuary technician; she's a beacon of compassion and professionalism in our workplace." wrote Krissy.

"Every day, she approaches her job with such reverence and dedication that it's truly awe-inspiring. Jen goes above and beyond for every deceased individual she handles, treating each one with the utmost respect and care.

"What sets Jen apart is her unwavering empathy. She understands the importance of her role in providing closure for grieving families, and she approaches every task with a deep sense of empathy and understanding.

"Whether it's ensuring that the deceased is prepared for viewing with meticulous attention to detail or ensuring all lost pregnancies safely and securely go to a memorial service to give parents peace of mind.

"Every aspect of this job is seen by no-one, never any audience or accolades, however she never fails to demonstrate her compassion. Her commitment to treating every person with dignity, even in death, makes her a true unsung hero in our profession." Krissy says

As a thank you for Jen's efforts she has won a two-night stay at "Wallawa on Hilltop" near the Bunya Mountains, a prize kindly donated by a fellow staff member who wanted to give back to health service staff.

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