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Apply to Wishlist for project funding and find out more about research and education grants.

Project Funding

Do you have equipment or a project you need funded within your department? Round 1 of project funding has opened and will close on October 13. 

Research Grants

Wishlist has directed more than $2 million to foster and develop local medical research. The Research Project Seed Grant and The Collaborative Research Grant closed on July 2. Guidelines here.

Education Grants

All Scholarships and Education grants are now administered by the Study, Education, Research Trust Fund (SERTF). Email for more.

SCHHS Event Sponsorship

Are you a SCHHS staff member seeking support from Wishlist for an upcoming event or awareness day. 

Become a Regular Giver

Join our community of health staff who have become regular givers. It’s easy to sign up and you can cancel any time.

Recycle for Wishlist

Reach into your bin instead of your pocket. Help the environment while raising funds for your hospital.

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Keep up to date with our latest funding news, patient stories or upcoming events.

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