Chronic Illness Peer Support Program to help Jenna and Jaydah

26 Jun 2024

Mark and Caroline from 92.7 MIX FM interview sisters Jenna and Jaydah who share a unique genetic condition which has led to multi-organ failure, making hospital visits a constant part of their lives.

Listen to Jenna and Jaydah talk about their condition and how Give Me 5 helps them and other sick kids.

A Chronic Illness Peer Support Program (ChIPS) is one of the items on this year's Give Me 5 'wishlist', which is set to improve the health of more than 120 young people aged 12-25 each year by way of social connectedness, personal growth, increase illness management and more.

Jenna and Jaydah share their struggles with making friends due to their countless hours spent in the hospital and how ChIPS would help them and other kids like them make friends. 

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