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Help us make the hospital experience better for you and your family.

How Your Support Helps

Our Wish List ranges from funding innovative medical research to purchasing vital equipment and upgrading services, your support will change the lives of Sunshine Coast patients and their families.

Priority Items

Accommodate a Family

Help families be together by providing a night’s stay at a Wishlist accommodation facility.

Palliative Care Cuddle Bed

Palliative Care Cuddle Bed

Help fund a Cuddle Bed to offer patients and loved ones a compassionate approach to end-of-life care. This Cuddle Bed will give family member the opportunity to lay with their loved ones and make the most of their final hours with them. Cost: $18,283.

Equipment for newborns

Equipment for Newborns

Help us fund a Radiometer Arterial Blood Gas Analyser Flex 90 Plus Gympie Maternity and Paediatric Units at Gympie Hospital to support babies born who need blood glucose screening for 24-48hrs after birth. $5692.

2 x SOZO machine for cancer patients at SCUH & Nambour Hospital.

2 x SOZO Machines for Cancer Patients

Help enhance treatment for cancer patients at SCUH and Nambour Hospital by funding a SOZO machine to give health staff a precise snapshot of fluid status and tissue composition in less than 30 seconds. This machine is needed in the Adem Crosby Centre to identify malnutrition and other vital conditions. $24,926 each.

Equipment for Hearing Screening

Resources for the Jabba Jabba Child Health Team to improve access and fund equipment for hearing screening. $8,299.

Point of Care Ultrasound

Point of Care Ultrasound

You can make procedures for children better by helping us purchase a POCUS for the Children’s and Adolescent Unit.

Infrared Video Goggles

Help purchase vital equipment to assess and manage patients with severe vertigo and dizziness. $5,357.

Resources for Mental Health Patients

Resources to help improve the quality of care for mental health patients at Nambour Hospital. $8,700.

Clinic for Speech Pathology Patients

Establishing a clinic to reduce travel and wait times for patients needing a swallowing assessment.

Equipment for Birth

A HiPac chair to improve comfort and pain relief for birthing women needing an epidural. $9,790.

Tvs in Patients rooms

TVs in Patients Rooms

Help make a Gympie patient’s hospital stay more comfortable by funding a TV while they recover.

VR goggles in Clinical Education

Virtual reality goggles to assist in clinical education at SCUH and for patients to use at Dove Palliative Care. $30,000.

Intraoral camera for dental patients

Intraoral camera for dental patients

This equipment is needed at Kawana Oral Health to assist in the assessment, diagnosis and monitoring of oral conditions, particularly for oral medicine/pathology and oral cancers. $3,520

Weighted blankets and massage chair

To improve access to therapeutic tools for consumers in the Older Persons mental health unit at SCUH, which currently do not have access to a massage chair, and the weighted blankets in use in the other mental health units are too heavy for many of our elderly consumers, and can pose a trip hazard. $2,800.

Special Programs & Interhospital Services

Establishing a specialised service for elderly patients

Establishing a Specialised Service for Elderly Patients

We need your help to establish a local treatment service and eradicate the need for referral of often frail and elderly patients living with dysplastic Barrett's oesophagus. Currently patients need to travel to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital for this treatment. Help us fund a Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment Service for Barrett's Oesophagus at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. $40,000

Domestic & Family Violence Social Worker

Domestic & Family Violence Social Worker

To establish a role that would represent the HHS with information sharing of high-risk DFV cases. $240,000 for three years.

Equipment for the Child Continence Service

Equipment for the Child Continence Service

Children who require specialised allied health continence services have previously been required to travel to Brisbane but thanks to Wishlist funding, physiotherapy is now included within the multidisciplinary team to assist with this service. Help us fund additional equipment and resources to assist young patients and their families. $7,825

Clown Doctors

Bring laughter and smiles to sick children at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. Help continue this $110,800 program.

Dedicated Nurse for young patients

Dedicated Nurse for Young Patients

Funding an adolescent and young adult clinical nurse to help create a smoother transition for young patients into adult care.

Parental Support & Youth Advisory

To support young adults and provide a circle-of-care for mental health patients. $218,000.

Delta Therapy Dog Program

Pet therapy touches humans psychologically, physically, mentally and emotionally. Fund a therapy dog for a year at $1000.

Music Therapy

Music soothes the soul. Ongoing funding is needed to continue this program for palliative patients at $43,000 per year.

Calm Fairies

The Calm Fairy helps anxious kids feel safe and calm in hospital. Ongoing funding is needed at $13,000 per year.

Culturally-Safe Maternity Services

Improving the delivery of culturally-safe maternity services for Aboriginal & Torres Strait families at Gympie Hospital.

Creating Calm

Fund the installation of wall art in the Sunshine Coast University Hospital birthing suites to create a calming environment.

Medical Research & Education

Staff Scholarship Funding

Help us support further education and work-related workshop for our health staff. $100,000 per annum.

Support Medical Research

Help the brightest minds find cures, promote improvements in health care and implement evidence-based practices.

You or your business can sponsor a local research project and be kept up to date with the project progression and have the researcher provide regular updates to you, your team and your supporters. Email us at info@wishlist.org.au to find out more

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