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Your support has recently funded innovative medical research to purchasing vital equipment and upgrading services, changing the lives of Sunshine Coast patients and their families.

Outpatient Respiratory Physiotherapy Telerehab Enhancement Project

Outpatient Respiratory Physiotherapy Telerehab Enhancement Project

This project will make the Telehealth pulmonary rehab program more accessible, safe and effective by providing smart devices for respiratory patients to borrow allowing them to participate in the pulmonary rehab program; portable gym equipment for loan to improve exercise capacity outcome measures of participants; lapel microphone to improve sound quality and consequently program effectiveness and safety between instructor and participants. Cost: $7,822.

Epidural Positioning Device

Being in labour and having a Caesarean section are both stressful events, if a spinal or epidural are needed it tends to escalate women's anxiety. An Epidural Positioning Device has been funded to make the process quicker and easier for birthing women at Gympie Hospital. Cost; $6545.

Resources for mental health patients  at Nambour Hospital

Resources for mental health patients

Purchasing a cuppa or cake at Wishlist Coffee House Nambour has led to funding $4,013 worth of sporting, recreational equipment and craft items to enhance the lives of mental health patients at the Pandanus and Bunya Units at Nambour Hospital.

Portable oxygen equipment to allow greater patient freedom and independence

Portable oxygen equipment

Palliative patients will be able to improve their quality of life by borrowing a portable oxygen concentrator to allow greater patient freedom and independence. Your donations have funded two portable oxygen concentrators worth $7,140 to support early discharge home from hospital.

Equipment for vascular patients

Equipment for vascular patients

More than 100 vascular and lymphoedema patients will benefit from an Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Assessment Machine to ensure a safe assessment before compression application. The machine, worth $6017, will create better patient outcomes and lessen complications and admissions to hospital.

Ultrasound for men who have undergone radical prostatectomy procedures at Gympie Hospital

Ultrasound for Gympie Hospital

Purchasing a cuppa or cake at Wishlist Coffee House Gympie has led to funding a $7,716 real-time ultrasound to give physiotherapists important biofeedback on a patient's pelvic floor muscle activation. This equipment will help men who have undergone radical prostatectomy procedures at Gympie Hospital.

Sensory items for Mental Health patients at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Sensory items for Mental Health patients

Wishlist has been able to fund $2,259 worth of sensory modulation equipment and resources for mental health patients in the Kamala Unit at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. The equipment will help support exercise and sensory groups like yoga, stretching, pilates and more.

Evaluating Reflective Practice Groups (RPGs) as a form of Clinical Supervision for staff.

Evaluation study

Nurses and midwives form the largest clinical workforce in the health system and provide a majority of the interpersonal elements of care to patients. Historically nurses & midwives have been required to deal with complex clinical situations, organisational pressures, distraught patients and families. Thanks to your support, $5,500 has been directed to Evaluating Reflective Practice Groups (RPGs) as a form of Clinical Supervision for staff.

Domestic & Family Violence Social Worker

DV Social Worker

In a world where homes should be sanctuaries, many suffer in silence. We have funded a dedicated SCHHS Social Worker for three years at a cost of $240,000 to share vital information of high-risk Domestic and Family Violence cases with other agencies, including police, child safety, support services and more.


Liver Disease Study

Thanks to donations, data from more than 8000 patients were studied by Sunshine Coast Professor James O'Beirne to investigate the impact of diabetes on the outcome of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The study was published in the Medical Journal of Australia and has led to identifying at-risk people earlier and ensuring timely treatment.


SCUH Rehab team project funding for powered wheelchairs for rehab patients like Kim

Two Power Wheelchairs

Loss of movement impacts physically and psychologically. Wishlist have delivered two power wheelchairs to the SCUH Rehabilitation Unit, worth $17,299 each, to give patients the ability to move towards companionship, a glass of water or to sit in the sunshine without having to wait for busy nursing staff.



Point Of Care Ultrasound

To make procedures for children better through the provision of a POCUS machine for the Children’s and Adolescent Unit. Cost: $33,500.



Equipment for birth

Equipment for Birth

Giving birth is a daunting experience, and can sometimes be traumatic. We funded a $9,790 HiPac chair to improve the comfort and pain for birthing women needing an epidural prior to birth.

Equipment for the Child Continence Service

Child Continence Service

Resources and equipment for children who require specialised continence services. Previously, young patients would travel to Brisbane but thanks to donations, physiotherapy is now included within the multidisciplinary team at SCUH.

Maternity unit mural

Creating Calm

Calming wall art in several birthing suites at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital to create a a more comfortable environment. One suite shows an Aboriginal and Torres Strait theme and another with a softer tone for women with fetal loss. Cost: $5,000 per suite.

Wishlist has recently funded two pocket talkers for the older persons unit in Maroochydore.

Pocket Talkers

Two Pocket Talkers for the Older Persons Mental Health team at Maroochydore. These devices help patients who are hard of hearing which will enable easier and more accurate communication when testing cognitive ability and more.

Palliative Care Cuddle Bed

Palliative Care Cuddle Bed

A Cuddle Bed to offer patients and loved ones a compassionate approach to end-of-life care. This Cuddle Bed gives family members the opportunity to lay with their loved ones and make the most of their final hours with them. $18,283.

2 x SOZO machine for cancer patients at SCUH & Nambour Hospital.

SOZO Machines for Cancer Patients

Enhancing treatment for cancer patients at the Adem Crosby Centre at Sunshine Coast University Hospital with two SOZO machines to give health staff a precise snapshot of fluid status and tissue composition in less than 30 seconds. $24,926.


Establishing a specialised service for elderly patients

Specialised Service for Elderly Patients

Establishing a local treatment service to lessen the need for referrals of frail and elderly patients to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital for Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment Service. This treatment is for people living with Barrett's Oesophagus. $40,000

Weighted blankets and massage chair

Funded to improve access to therapeutic tools for consumers in the Older Persons Mental Health Unit at SCUH. $2,800.
Intraoral camera for dental patients

Intraoral camera for dental patients

This equipment is needed at Kawana Oral Health to assist in the assessment, diagnosis and monitoring of oral conditions, particularly for oral medicine/pathology and oral cancers. $3,520

Clinic for Speech Pathology Patients

Thanks to your donations, we have establishing a clinic to reduce travel and wait times for patients needing a swallowing assessment.


Helping Heart Failure Patients in the Community

Use of a smartphone based interactive system for heart failure patients in the community.


Infrared goggles for vertigo patients

Infrared Video Goggles

Help purchase vital equipment to assess and manage patients with severe vertigo and dizziness. $5,357.

Equipment for hearing - jabba jabba team, wish list, wishlist

Equipment for Hearing Screening

Resources for the Jabba Jabba Child Health Team to improve access and fund equipment for hearing screening. $8,299.

Supporting Patients with Complex Needs

Updated emergency management plans for 150 children each year with complex and rare medical conditions.


Equipment for newborns

Equipment for Newborns

A Radiometer Arterial Blood Gas Analyser Flex 90 Plus for Maternity and Paediatric Units at Gympie Hospital to support babies born who need blood glucose screening for 24-48hrs after birth. $5692.


Helping At-Risk Mums

A Clinical Nurse Consultant to support newborns and their mothers experiencing domestic violence and trauma.


Dedicated Nurse for young patients

Dedicated Nurse for Young Patients

Funding an adolescent and young adult clinical nurse to help create a smoother transition for young patients into adult care.

Parental Support & Youth Advisory, Wishlist

Parental Support & Youth Advisory

To support young adults and provide a circle-of-care for mental health patients. $218,000.

Sara stedy device

Sara Stedy Device

Wishlist has helped more stroke patients get off their feet at a speedier time thanks to funding a $2500 device.


Wishlist Wellness Garden

Wishlist Wellness Garden

A therapeutic outdoor space for patients needing rehabilitation at Gympie Hospital to the tune of $200,000.

Specialised Spinal Bed

Specialised Spinal Bed

A Specialised Spinal Bed for the Intensive Care Unit to help safely turn patients who have unstable spines.



An additional Smileyscope for the anaesthetic department to distract patients receiving treatment.

Renal Pharmacist Outpatient Clinic

Established an outpatient pharmacy service for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and those receiving a kidney transplant.

Point of Care Ultrasound Machines

3 Point of Care Ultrasound machines for SCUH, Nambour & Gympie Emergency Departments to allow bedside ultrasounds.

Bariatric Equipment

Bariatric equipment including a specialised shower chair and wheelchair for Gympie Hospital.

YAG Laser

Ophthalmology clinicians can administer immediate treatment onsite to reduce the risk of permanent eye damage.


Wheelchair Scale for Children

Wheelchair scales for children with disabilities to enhance inclusion at the Gympie Hospital Outpatient Unit.

Speech Pathology Resources

Resources for the Gympie Child Health Speech Pathology Service. Funded by 92.7 MIX FM’s Give Me 5 appeal.

Pregnancy Loss Pilot Program

A $10,000 pilot program to improve the surgical care of women with early pregnancy loss. Funded by 92.7 MIX FM’s Give Me 5 appeal.

Paediatric Assessment Tools

Assessment tools for the Paediatric Allied Health Team to deliver high quality care. Funded by 92.7 MIX FM’s Give Me 5 appeal.

Calming Wall Art for Medical Imaging

Calming Wall Art for Medical Imaging to distract and entertain young patients. Funded by 92.7 MIX FM’s Give Me 5 appeal.


5 virtual reality goggles have been funded by 92.7 MIX FM's Give Me 5 appeal to distract patients receiving painful tests or procedure.

Resuscitation System

A Giraffe Star Neonatal Resuscitation System which will be part of the life-saving equipment in our emergency department.

Portable Ultrasounds

Two portable ultrasounds for mums using the Maternity Outreach Service.

Blood Analyser

A Radiometer Arterial Blood Gas Analyser Flex 90 Plus will improve the accuracy of blood analysis for at-risk newborns.

Blood Pressure Monitors

20 blood pressure monitors will be loaned to heart patients for a 3 month period to closely monitor their blood pressure.

Buzzy Bee Devices

Buzzy bee distraction devices are being used in the Ambulatory Care Unit at SCUH to distract patients undergoing procedures.

Acute Pain Leaflets

Acute Pain leaflets are circulating Emergency & Surgical Departments to provide patients with a clear pain management plan.

Ophthalmology Equipment

6 vital pieces of Ophthalmology Equipment for the Caloundra Ophthalmology Unit.

Breech Baby Workshop

A Breech Baby workshop to upskill staff to deliver breech babies safely.



AccuVein equipment to aid in easy cannulation of babies and children, as well as cancer patients at the Adem Crosby Center.

Transonic Machine

Transonic Machine to help detect abnormal blood flow which can reduce stress and trauma to dialysis patients.

Parents Retreat

The Parents Retreat makes life a little easier for parents of pre-term babies.


With video monitoring, assists cancer patients undergoing radiation at the Adem Crosby Centre.

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