92.7 MIX FM interview face of Give Me 5

22 Jun 2024
Mark and Caroline from 92.7 MIX FM interview local mum Jess Sumpton and her husband James, the faces of this year’s 92.7 MIX FM’s Give Me 5.

Listen to the heart-wrenching journey of Jess and James as they navigate the emotional rollercoaster of Nelly’s premature birth.

Jess is sharing her story to raise funds for an $85,000 MRI-compatible ventilator for newborns through Give Me 5.

Proceeds from the annual appeal are directed to local hospital charity, Wishlist.

"For babies like Nellie – it would mean not having to take these little babies to Brisbane to have an MRI done,” Jess says.

“Seeing how little and fragile these babies are - to be taken to Brisbane just for that, and having a family at home – it’s stressful."

To help the cause you can attend a Give Me 5 event or donate.

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