Music Therapy soothes the soul

07 Sep 2022

Thanks to generous donations to Dove Palliative Care Unit, Wishlist are able to fund a music therapy service located at Caloundra Hospital.

Music therapy is the intentional use of music to actively support a person’s health, cognitive abilities and emotional wellbeing.

Wishlist-funded Music therapist Tracie Wicks spoke to us about how the program can soothe the soul of patients.

"For many of us, music is a lifelong companion. When we are confronted with the end of life and find ourselves in palliative care, our listening and music-making choices can enable us to keep connected with who we are and the life we have lived. It can also help us to truly live right to the end," she said.

Music therapist Tracie Wicks pallative care Wishlist.

In 2022, already 81 patients and their families have benefited from music therapy support in the music therapy room. One of Tracie's signature sessions - the iPod program - gives patients access to apple music for creation of music playlists funded by Wishlist.

"The music listening program provides patients with opportunities for music engagement day and night which can facilitate feelings of relaxation, support their mood and self-expression, and aid sleep."

"I’m currently working on a beautiful legacy project with a patient who has recorded himself sending messages to his wife as well as a compilation of songs of great significance as a parting gift/legacy. These songs convey special memories to him and his wife and messages of his love for her. Music therapy has been an invaluable support for him to express himself, give hope in something positive and meaningful to engage in and he looks forward to the music therapy sessions. This gentleman was first seen as a patient in dove and then music therapy support has continued as an outpatient utilising the music therapy space.

"I know typed words don’t convey the same as in person, but thank you. Thank you to the McMillian family and Wishlist for supporting music therapy. I am very honoured to work at Dove and continue to support our patients and their families."

To keep this comforting service active for years to come, make a donation at

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