Rare Cancer Care and Research

Help provide patient-centred care initiatives that advance the provision of care for people with rare forms of cancer.

The Rare Cancer Care and Research Fund (RCC&RF) was established in October 2022 through the generosity and foresight of two patients of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service - Melissa Evans and Neil Russell. It operates under the auspice of Wishlist (Sunshine Coast Health Foundation) in collaboration with Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH), particularly the Medical Oncology Unit and the Research Governance and Development Unit. Collaborations are also being progressed with key external parties including Cancer Alliance Queensland and Australian Families 4 Genomics. 


Wishlist is acting as custodian of donations to this Fund, with an emphasis on the principles of good governance, patient focus and respect for donor intention.


Donations to the Fund will be best used for patient-centred initiatives that advance the provision of care for people on the Sunshine Coast experiencing rare forms of cancer. Funds will not be applied to initiatives for those forms of cancer for which significant government and private funding is already available.

Donations to this Fund can be made at any time via:

Wishlist Fundraising, Bank of Queensland
BSB: 124 042         Account: 228 070 86
Please assist by referencing your name and RCC&RF.


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How your support changes lives


  • Rare cancers affect approx. 5000 Queenslanders each year
  • The most common rare cancers are some bone marrow cancers, mouth and gallbladder
  • More men are diagnosed with a rare cancer than women
  • Only half of all people with a rare cancer survive 5 years
  • Continued efforts are needed to understand and address the impact on people diagnosed with rare cancer in Queensland


The RCC&RF will practically assist people with rare cancer and their treating specialists in a variety of ways, including:
  • Highlighting the unique needs of people with rare cancer;
  • Progressing formal research projects;
  • Genomic sequencing;
  • Using data to help inform patient care;
  • Generating data for future research;
  • Accelerating scientific discovery.


It is my greatest hope that through the establishment of this fund future generations will not have to experience the heartbreak of being diagnosed with incurable cancer and that along that journey there is more care available to people diagnosed with life changing rare cancer.
- Melissa, Co-founder of RRCRF

I am 74 years old and keep asking why so many young people are being diagnosed with cancer? Support is needed to research what we can be doing as an educated community to understand and change this.

- Neil, Co-founder of RRCRF

Giving to the RCC + RF will help to ensure that patients on the Sunshine Coast, with rare forms of cancer have equity of access to research, treatment options and supportive care.
- Ebony, Oncology Clinic Nurse Consultant

I’m incredibly humbled by the generosity of our founding patients and families to help set up this fund. We are working hard to fulfil their wishes and use the funds wisely to accelerate the care and research into rarer cancers. We already have accessed funds to cover the cost of comprehensive genomic testing for people with rare cancers here on the Sunshine Coast. In addition, new research collaborations with key partners will deliver a better understanding of the epidemiology and treatment patterns of people with rare cancers in Queensland. Ultimately, my wish is that the fund continues to grow and that our initiatives and research will improve the care and outcomes for people affected by rare cancers on the Sunshine Coast.
- A/Prof Bryan Chan  - Medical Oncologist, SCUH


Cancer Alliance Queensland
Australian Families 4 Genomics
Adem Crosby Centre

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