Wishlist Wi-Fi Working Wonders at SCUH

21 Aug 2023

Staying connected with loved ones, especially during a health crisis, is vital for providing emotional support to patients.

That's why Wishlist has funded Wishlist Wi-Fi - a groundbreaking connectivity upgrade that will revolutionise the hospital experience for thousands of patients every year.

The project has been two years in the making, and involved partnering with the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service and local business ENTAG to overcome the challenges involved in implementing the upgrade in a public hospital setting.

The power of connection and emotional support cannot be overstated, especially during times of illness and recovery.

By providing reliable and fast Wi-Fi throughout the hospital, Wishlist aims to ensure that patients can easily stay in touch with their loved ones, no matter their physical location. 

Thank you to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and Health Service and ENTAG for their invaluable contributions to this project.

Together, we can ensure that no patient feels alone on their journey to recovery.

Donate today and help bring the power of connection to those who need it most.

Two individuals, dressed in professional attire, stand proudly in front of a building embellished with flourishing plants

Patient testimonial

"I recently had a lengthy stay in the hospital with my 8year old son and can confirm that the Wishlist Wi-Fi connection was very much appreciated and worked well for us whilst we were there, thank you for supporting this project for the community."

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