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Wishlist strikes partnership with national team

08 Mar 2024

One of the Coast’s leading charities – Wishlist – has announced its partnership with esteemed national netball team, Sunshine Coast Lightning.

The collaboration marks an exciting alliance that underscores both organisations' commitment to creating a positive impact on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe expressed her enthusiasm for the community partnership saying Wishlist and Lightning were united by shared values.

“We are both dedicated to making a positive impact in our community, and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle is intrinsically linked in our collective mission,” Ms Rowe says.

"As the Coast’s only hospital charity, we are connected with 9,600 health heroes, many who are enthusiastic supporters of Lightning. By partnering with a national sporting team, Wishlist is poised to gain visibility on a national scale, providing us with significant opportunities to showcase our cause.

“Together we can amplify our efforts and reach an even larger audience."

Sunshine Coast Lightning, a powerhouse in the world of netball, has consistently demonstrated not only their prowess on the court but also their dedication to community engagement and social responsibility.

"Lightning's commitment to community engagement and social responsibility resonates deeply with us, and we are excited about the possibilities this partnership holds.”

The collaboration between Wishlist and Sunshine Coast Lightning is set to leverage the strengths of both organisations, combining the health-focused initiatives of Wishlist with the widespread influence and community connections of the national netball team.


Storm Group Chief Executive Officer Justin Rodski says he looks forward to seeing what the two organisations can achieve together.

“As an organisation that is dedicated to making a positive impact on the Sunshine Coast community, our partnership with Wishlist is one that not only makes sense, but one that we are proud of,” Mr Rodski says. 

“We are thrilled to align ourselves with such a fantastic organisation, and we look forward to exploring the opportunities this partnership can achieve in 2024 and beyond.”  

Together, they aim to create opportunities to promote wellbeing among local health staff, encourage active lifestyles, and foster a sense of community spirit.

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