Wishlist funds incontinence equipment

23 Apr 2024

Empowering Young Patients to Overcome Incontinence

One in five children in Australia experience incontinence, it’s a problem that affects a child’s confidence, self-worth, and development. 

For those with severe cases, the only options for treatment were found in Brisbane, until the launch of a continence service for children on the Sunshine Coast.

To assist this new service, Wishlist and the Buderim Foundation have funded a range of equipment to help young patients achieve better health outcomes.

The equipment includes four NeuroTrac devices which provide biofeedback via electrodes, Advanced Physiotherapist Genevieve Tremblay explains. 

“The electrodes are placed at the back of a child’s pelvis which allows us to pick up the activity in their muscles so we can see if they are relaxing or contracting,” Genevieve says. 

“These devices also have a fun interactive game which we can play in clinic making therapy a bit more fun.” 

The NueroTrac devices are just one part of a range of items totalling $7,825, which also includes models, books and toileting equipment to improve a patient and families’ understanding of health conditions and lead to better therapeutic results.

Teaming up with Wishlist on the project, the Buderim Foundation donated $5,239 towards the equipment through last year’s grant scheme.

“Kindly funded by Wishlist, the community and the Buderim Foundation, we now have four bio-feedback devices on loan which allows us to offer home therapy for families struggling to travel to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.” Genevieve says. 

Wishlist General Manager Brendan Hogan explained the importance of charitable organisations coming together for the Sunshine Coast community. 

“The Buderim Foundation have supported Wishlist several times to fund vital medical equipment for young patients locally, so we are very grateful for their help in supporting the growing health needs of our community,” Brendan says. 

“This equipment will make a real difference for over 100 children and their families.”  

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Empowering young patients to overcome incontinence

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