Wishlist Helps Fund Adolescent Day Program Project

04 Jun 2024

Wishlist have funded $31,900 towards the Adolescent Day Program which helps young people with mental health challenges transition back to an education environment.

The Adolescent Day Program is a collaboration between Queensland Health and Queensland Education, where young people are able to access an education space, while they also engage in mental health treatment and support.

The program is for young people aged between 13 and 18 living on the Sunshine Coast who need support managing their mental health symptoms.

Thanks to donations from the community, Wishlist has been able to provide $31,900 in funding to go towards items such as furnishings, plants and garden equipment as well as fortnightly workshops provided by the Get Real Institute.

The gardening program allows young people to enjoy the outdoors whilst working together towards the development of the garden, after some early success some of the herbs grown in the garden are now used for the program's cooking classes.

Wishlist have also provided the program with use of it's mini-bus, lovingly named Homer, to facilitate trips on Fridays fostering a connection to the wider community in a supported environment.

Mental Health amongst young people is declining, that's why it's vital we continue to provide support for innovative projects such as the Adolescent Day Program - to donate, click the button below.

Watch Day Program Nurse Manager, John Cranefield, explain the importance of the Adolescent Day Program and the difference your donation makes.

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