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Retirees, recycling and a ripple of good.

18 Oct 2023

Seniors across the Coast are transforming bottles into health charity gold.

Retirees Christine and Laurie Jones have found a simple way they can support Wishlist for the benefit of local patients and their families.

As Wishlist volunteers, Christine and Laurie began collecting plastic bottles and containers in March last year within their unit complex – asking their neighbours to recycle for a good cause.

“We approached all the residents and asked if they wouldn’t mind putting all their bottles into a special container and after two weeks, we sort it and we take it to the recycling centre,” Mrs Jones says.

“If we let it go any longer, it wouldn’t fit in the car,” Mr Jones laughs.

The couple are passionate about giving back and quickly realised their initiative enables any person to get involved and have a means of contributing to charity.

“Recycling is very simple – people are happy to come forward with it because they feel then that they are also contributing,” Mrs Jones says. 

"We just try to do as much as we can for Wishlist. It is such a marvellous organisation because you are supporting people in need, people who are distressed about a family member in hospital…"

The Jones’ have already raised over $800 which will go directly to the needs of patients and their families in the Sunshine Coast region.

Each week Christine and Laurie sort the recycled cans and bottles and fill their car to transport them to recycling centre The Bottle Community in Kawana in exchange for funds donated directly to Wishlist.

Wishlist Fundraising Lead Jasmine Wheatley says it is great to see several local eco-warriors turning containers into charity dollars.

“Most people have the means to make a big difference to the lives of others with the simple act of collecting their recycling from their residential complex, retirement facility or personal home and donating the funds to a good cause,” she says.

“Christine and Laurie are a force to be reckoned with and we would love to see more locals collecting empties to fund medical equipment or support services like the Clown Doctors in our local hospitals.”

In the past financial year 463,810 containers have been diverted from landfill through Wishlist’s recycling program.

To find out more recycling for Wishlist, phone the Wishlist office on 5202 1777, or simply process your containers at your local recycling centre like The Bottle Community at 28 Technology Dr, Warana and use Wishlist Scheme ID: C10532519.

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