Raffle raises $13,063 for Gympie

05 Jan 2024

The Gympie community has rallied again - this time raising an incredible $13,063 in Tracy Mills and Pauline Towning's Mega Christmas Raffle. 

The funds collected through the raffle have gone towards the purchase of essential medical devices for Gympie Hospital, significantly enhancing patient care.

One is an epidural positioning device slated for the Maternity/Women's Health unit, valued at $6,545. This cutting-edge equipment promises to streamline the process of administering epidurals during labor, ensuring comfort and efficiency for expectant mothers.

Additionally, the fundraiser has secured a real-time ultrasound machine for biofeedback on pelvic floor muscle activation, priced at $7,716. This invaluable tool will bolster physiotherapy services for men undergoing radical prostatectomy, offering tailored support and improving post-operative outcomes.

The introduction of these devices marks a significant enhancement for the Gympie community, heralding a new era of accessible and advanced healthcare services. Notably, the initiative has been instrumental in reducing travel time and expenses for patients and their families seeking pelvic health services locally.

Wishlist expresses profound gratitude to Tracy Mills and Pauline Towning (pictured below) whose unwavering dedication and volunteer efforts have been instrumental in orchestrating the success of the raffle. Tracy's determination, initiative, and stamina have epitomised the spirit of community service, making a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals.

The generosity of 75 local business sponsors, who contributed donations and prizes totaling over 38 packages, underscores the impact of collective action in driving positive change. 

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