Norman's rockstar farewell

31 Mar 2023
Our four legged friends provide us with comfort in the hardest of times, they make us smile with a wag of their tail and Norman the therapy dog has done just that for so many.

Over the past five years Norman has been walking the wards of SCUH every week, stopping by to see patients and their families, giving them a reason to smile and laugh together.
Nicci, Norman's owner, began agility training Norman but found he much preferred chatting with people to running around.

After completeing training Nicci and Norman embarked on a career that spanned two countries before settling on the Sunshine Coast.

At SCUH they would visit the Childrens and Adolescent ward as well as waiting rooms and clinics.
"For the parents as well, it gives them something different to think about," Nicci says.

"The reaction to Norman has been really fantastic."
Sadly, the 11-year-old pooch has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and has retired from being a therapy dog to instead lap up his remaining time at the beach and at home. 

This week, Wishlist organised a guard of honour to celebrate the impact Norman had on patients, staff and volunteers. 

Despite all the excitement he still stopped outside the coffee shop for one of his favourite treats, a jam drop.
Thank you Norman, we'll miss you!

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