Kaide's story

30 Jan 2023

A turn of events for a Caboolture family on holiday in Kenilworth almost ended in tragedy.

On September 3, the Rodgers’ five-year-old son Kaide, was crushed by a heavy statue while playing in a backyard property.

Kaide’s dad Jamie Rodgers discovered Kaide trapped underneath the statue and sprinted to his rescue. 

“I was shocked by the weight of it. Kaide was calm and responsive, so I wasn’t too distressed. He had a bit of a graze on his eye and back of his head,” Jamie said. 

When driving Kaide to Nambour Hospital along Obi Obi Rd the situation worsened – seemingly in a location far away from medical assistance.

“Kaide passed out and was unresponsive. Once the ambulance arrived, I jumped in with Kaide where we were rushed to Sunshine Coast University Hospital,” he said.

“We were just in pure shock. The doctors said it wasn’t looking good. He was bleeding from his ears, and despite this, all Kaide wanted to do was to return to our holiday house.

"Not knowing what the outcome could be was frightening for us all including Kaide’s 12-year-old sister Sophia.”

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service Emergency Dr Scott Schofield said his team were gravely concerned about the significant head injury because the statue had landed on Kaide’s head.

“Kaide wasn’t really at a normal level of consciousness, and this was past a time frame we would start to get really worried about,” Dr Schofield said.  

Kaide required immediate medical attention at Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane and accordingly, was flown within hours of his admission.

A lifesaving ventilator funded by Wishlist ensured Kaide could make the journey to Brisbane.

Miraculously, after four days in hospital, brave young Kaide was cleared to return home to Caboolture and reunite with the rest of his family and friends.

“We are just so thankful Kaide is here and back to his normal self. Kelly and I would like to say a huge thank you to all the medical staff and Wishlist for saving our boy’s life,” Jamie said.

Help families like Kaide’s facing a health crisis by making a donation at wishlist.org.au.

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