Eva's whirlwind arrival at Wishlist Centre

10 Jul 2023

"It happened so quickly. Within 45 minutes, I birthed her." - Cynthia Trudgett. 

Hospital charity Wishlist has experienced a historic moment as Kin Kin parents Cynthia Trudgett and James Kennedy welcomed their precious baby Eva May Kennedy into the world.

Eva's speedy arrival happened on Sunday July 2 at 2.17am at Wishlist Centre, where Cynthia and James were staying to be close to hospital due to a high-risk pregnancy.

"This is my second baby but there is 15 years between babies so I'm a little bit out of practice," Cynthia says. 

"My waters broke the Sunday prior and I was at risk of infection so we stayed in hospital for 48 hours where I had antibiotics and they monitored bub." 

The parents were told there was a '50-50 chance' their 35-week-old baby would arrive within the week and were advised to stay close to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) instead of making the 80km journey back home to Kin Kin.

Within hours, the couple checked into Wishlist Centre, opposite SCUH, but little did they know that four days later Eva's miraculous birth story would unfold.

"My teenager, Lincoln, had come down for dinner and a sleepover the night before and James was taking him home. 

"Basically, just before midnight I thought I was starting to have Braxton Hicks.?Then contractions started within 10-minute intervals and I rang James to come back down. The plan was to call the midwives once he got here." 

By the time Cynthia got off the phone to James, she returned to the bathroom and recalls ''everything shifted quickly''.

"I was a bit worried I couldn't get over the road by myself so I tried to slow things down. I called the midwifery team who said to call the ambulance and at 2.17am - she was out." 

"It's amazing that this little miracle happened - it's something that you can never imagine that you have the ability to do.

"There was no time to think, there was no time to panic or worry - it was perfect and natural."

The ambulance and James arrived at the same time to Cynthia sitting on the bathroom floor with baby Eva wrapped in towels to keep her warm.

Soon after Cynthia and her tiny bundle were taken by ambulance to SCUH.

"The midwives looked over Eva and weighed her - she was 2kg and 40 grams, 47cms and 35 weeks and five days." 

Thankfully, there were no major health concerns for baby Eva who started feeding, latching and suckling right away.

"It's been a positive whirlwind from here... Her body is responding perfectly. She is super happy and super healthy." 

15-year-old Lincoln was also able to meet his baby sister the following day - a precious moment for the whole family.

"He was apprehensive to hold her because she was so tiny but after quite a few questions and peeks over the cot, he had a cuddle and got her to take a bottle." 

New dad James is also besotted.

"I've never seen such a doting dad," Cynthia says. 

"It's beautiful to watch him, it's a precious thing that he get to have this time with her. 

"He can also go back to Wishlist Centre to have a rest. It's been a blessing to have that space there, we are over the moon that it has been available to us." 

Wishlist accommodation manager Tracey Sobey said the news of Eva's birth at Wishlist Centre thrilled the entire Wishlist team and volunteers.

"This is the first baby born at a Wishlist accommodation facility," Tracey says. 

"We have been operating affordable hospital accommodation for over 14 years, so her arrival is a very special occasion for us all.

"Cynthia is quite simply incredible to have birthed Eva by herself and we congratulate her, James and big brother Lincoln on Eva's safe arrival." 

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