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Uniforms to celebrate Aboriginal & Torres Islander mums and bubs

24 Oct 2022

One Birawan Midwifery Group Practice Midwife has been on a mission to fund new uniforms to shine light on their recently reformed service and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families they support in a culturally sensitive and proud way.

Birawan Midwifery Group Midwife, based at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Kylie Duffy applied to Wishlist requesting 13 tops including five NAIDOC tops and eight scrub shirts, as well as 40 baby wraps.

“We believe this project through the financial support of Wishlist will facilitate quality and meaningful relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and families during their perinatal period,” Ms Duffy said.

Pictured: Midwife Kylie Duffy holds a new mum's baby at Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

“The design of the uniforms are culturally respectful and thoughtful, with the baby wraps a gesture of respect and ongoing care. Some of the scrub tops have also been designed specifically for NAIDOC 2022. The designs will encourage greater consumer and community engagement in care and assist with Closing the Gap strategies.

“The uniform scrub tops we are ordering are supplied from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island woman in Townsville – her granddaughter birthed with Birawan MGP on the Sunshine Coast/Gubbi Gubbi.”

Ms Duffy envisions the project will encourage more consumer engagement and involvement in care, thus improving outcomes for mothers and babies.

“We are really excited about the uniforms arriving and would love to say a huge thank you to Wishlist for believing in us. We will be measuring the success of the project through the number of community members and colleagues recognising our uniforms as MGP Birawan Midwives,” she said.

Wishlist's project funding round has closed for this year and will re-open on January 23, 2023, open to health staff within the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.

Each year, Wishlist distributes more than $1 million for the provision of medical equipment, research, education and services to support patients including supported accommodation. Find out how you can get involved today

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