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Bill kicks cancer with a hand from Wishlist

08 May 2023
Bill Gemmell with his daughter Liz, who has set up a Go Fund Me page to say thanks to Wishlist.

Pictured: Bill Gemmell with his daughter Liz, who has set up a Go Fund Me page to say thanks to Wishlist.

Mapleton local Bill Gemmell is quite simply, resilience personified. In the past 10 years Bill has survived a heart attack, stroke, and more recently – fought a volatile form of prostate cancer.

Last year on a routine GP visit, Mr Gemmell’s doctor discovered something alarming – his prostate specific antigen count was rising exponentially.

“I got referred to a specialist at the hospital and the specialist informed me that I had an aggressive cancer in my prostate,” Mr Gemmell said.

“I’ve been progressively experiencing health problems in my senior years, and this was another one that I couldn’t ignore.

“I was seriously concerned that this could be my time up and I immediately thought of my five children.”

The 75-year-old was advised to seek immediate treatment at Adem Crosby Centre located in Sunshine Coast University Hospital, but he had a logistical dilemma.  

Combined with a rigorous treatment schedule, his family sprawled across the country, and living 50 kilometres away from hospital, Wishlist were able to accommodate Bill directly across the road at their recently opened Wishlist Centre.

“Wishlist Centre is a fantastic facility. It’s modern, it’s clean, it’s more than a home away from home. The volunteers are very welcoming,” he said.

“It took me only six minutes to walk to my treatment every day and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

“Without the support of donors, I’d be driving 100 kilometres every day, and I couldn’t manage that for a second, so thank you, sincerely.”

As a token of gratitude to Wishlist from Bill’s family, his daughter Liz has set up a GoFundMe page to raise $500 for the Sunshine Coast charity by pledging to run 50 kilometres.

Bill is pleased to report he is in great health and good spirits again, and back soaking up the clean air and picturesque views of the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Wishlist Centre is Australia’s first facility to provide healthcare, affordable accommodation and complementary therapies under one roof.

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