Our Story

Since 1998, Wishlist with the help of a generous and committed community has raised and directed more than $17 million towards the Coast's local health system. 


Wishlist is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fundraising for the needs of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. 

Annually we pledge more than $1 million towards:

Wishlist is committed to improving local public health services, and one way we do this is through our wish list which helps us find donors to fund the equipment needs on the list.

View our full wish list here.CAN YOU HELP SUPPORT THIS IMPORTANT WORK?

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100% of funds raised stays local for the benefit of patients & families.



Wishlist acts with integrity, compassion and respect as a locally-focused, professional and innovative Sunshine Coast charity.

There are many areas of the health system that Wishlist supports.  Our Corporate DVD will give you an overview of some of the great work we do. Click here to view our Corporate DVD.

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Read more about our achievements over the last 20+ years


Published in 2019 thanks to the Sunshine Coast Daily

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