Wishlist Coffee House

Find us at the entrance to Gympie Hospital and in the heart of Nambour Hosptial.

The Wishlist team and our dedicated volunteers are now brewing up coffee in two great locations across the Sunshine Coast and Gympie. Visit us for freshly made meals, snacks and the best coffee in town.


Wishlist is calling on all volunteers to spare a few hours each week to serve behind a counter or help with food preparation at either of our locations. Please phone Wishlist on 5202 1777 or email us at sc-wishlist@health.qld.gov.au.


Wishlist Coffee House Gympie

Fundraising for the needs of the Gympie Hospital.

100% of profits directly support Gympie hospital patients and families.

Since February 2013 Wishlist Coffee House has raised more than $451,500 for the needs of Gympie Hospital and provided a range of equipment for the benefit of local patients.

Local families have the benefit of state-of-the-art equipment being donated to the hospital, volunteers know they’re contributing time to an initiative that keeps on giving to their community in such an amazing way and staff and visitors to the hospital have the option of fresh, quality food and coffee on their front doorstep.


Monday - Friday from 8am – 3pm.
Contact the Gympie Wishlist Coffee House during open hours on 5489 8513.

"On behalf of the facility I would like to express how much we  appreciate the efforts of both Wishlist and the volunteers who donate their time to run the cafe. The benefits of the support provided by Wishlist are very tangible by helping to facilitate the best possible emergency care for our community." - Jason Lindeman, Director Gympie Department of Emergency Medicine


PHOTO: Wishlist Coffee House Manager, Jacques Martin.


Wishlist Coffee House Nambour
Fundraising for the needs of the Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service.

EXCITING NEWS! The Kiosk at Nambour Hospital is now under Wishlist management! This is a fantastic opportunity for Wishlist to fundraise throughout the year.

100% of profits will go directly to supporting the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.


Monday - Friday from 8am – 3pm.
Located at the lower ground floor of Nambour Hospital.


For the past 34 years, the Nambour General Hospital Auxiliary have been running this kiosk with local volunteers, some who have been serving customers at the kiosk for more than 20 years. This is an incredible effort from an amazing bunch of local people, who really do care for their community.

In April 2020 we opened with some big shoes to fill. Please come down and say hello. We would love to hear your ideas on how we can serve you.