Staff Education and Training

Wishlist supports the best and brightest health staff to advance their careers and produce ground-breaking research locally.


Through staff education and training, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service staff can access educational opportunities to enhance our public health service.

In 2017, Wishlist approved $20,000 in Paediatric Advances Life Support training for 10 staff, along with an additional $16,000 towards a range of other educational pathways for staff.

Nurse Educator Amanda Naumann described the opportunity as "very exciting" for emergency clinical coaches and educators.

"This three-day course is recognised as the international gold standard in paediatric emergency training and will cover interactive and practical emergency management of children.” - Nurse Educator Amanda Naumann.

An additional 12 health staff recently attended a workshop on Music Engagement in Dementia Care - thanks to $7188 worth of Wishlist funding.

The workshop provided information on the benefits of music therapy for dementia patients and follows on from Wishlist's funding of music equipment for the Cognitive Assessment and Management Unit at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

This funding means an additional 12 staff will be skilled in the provision of music therapy.