SCKoping Camps

Wishlist funds annual getaway camps hosted by the Sunshine Coast Koping Network (SCKoping) for Sunshine Coast children who live in families affected by a parent /sibling who has a mental health or drug and alcohol condition.  

Kids canoeing at the 2010 SCKoping getaway camp in Maleny.

Kids de-stressing with yoga at the 2010 SCKoping camp in Maleny.

The camps help consolidate the years work and provide a respite option for children aged 9 to 18 years. 

SCKoping camps have strong therapeutic components which aim to enhance children’s coping skills and resilience through a variety of modalities.

Lots of fun is had by all and there are many opportunities to experience outdoor adventures including canoeing, rock climbing and abseiling. 

The kids are always very excited about camp as it gives them chance to hang out with other kids like them, gives them confidence that things will be ok and gives them a break.

Sharon Thomasson, SCKoping Project Officer, said they are grateful to Wishlist for funding the camps every year.

"Wishlist's support allows these children to reduce individual risk factors, strengthen coping and resilience and gives them a chance at life."

The 2011 Wishlist Spring Carnival Gala raised more than $100,000 to fund five more years of SCKoping camps.

In total, Wishlist has committed more than $220,000 towards the SCKoping program and Getaway Camps.

Thank you so much

“SCkoping has changed my life and I know it has made a huge difference in other kids’ lives too. 

Things have definitely been a struggle but with all the good things you guys do I know it makes my life worth so much more (and I speak for the other kids when I say this) and I now know that life is meant for living, so we shall live it well. 

Thank you so much and please keep doing what you do because it is amazing and you guys are awesome.”

– Michelle, camper

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