Emergency Paediatric Ventilators

Thanks to the 2017 Mix FM Give Me 5 For Kids appeal, $82,000 was used to purchase ventilators for the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and Nambour Hospital.

The "Down on the Farm" themed emergency paediatric bay painted by Kendall.

92.7 Mix FM's Give Me 5 For Kids makes a real difference to the lives of the children of the Sunshine Coast and their families.

The month-long appeal is held in June every year and has raised more than $4.4 million for the needs of local paediatric patients. Comprising multiple events, socials, on-air auctions and a tin drive, the successful campaign is spearheaded by Mix FM's dedicated team who rally the community each year to help create world-class public health care for our youngest patients.

In 2017, the appeal raised funds for two paediatric ventilators for the Nambour Hospital and Sunshine Coast University Hospital emergency departments, worth $82,000 - equipment which has already saved little lives.







Emergency 4 Bay Paediatric Ward

Nambour General Hospital now has it's own specially designed children's emergency area thanks to the $114,000 raised at the 2010 Wishlist Spring Carnival gala.

Nambour Hospital's Dale Klenner checks out the 4-Bay paediatric emergency ward.

The "Down on the Farm" themed emergency paediatric bay painted by Kendall.The Under the Sea themed children's emergency room painted by Kendall.

The Coast's littlest patients can now be treated in a specially designed paediatric area thanks to the generosity of the business community who helped Wishlist raise the $114,000 needed to build the 4-bay ward.

The upgrade was made possible through the 2010 Wishlist Spring Carnival Gala, which was hosted by Sunrise's Natalie Barr with celebrity guest Jennifer Hawkins in attendance.

Every cent from the event went towards building the emergency paediatric ward which includes a treatment room, five beds and four bays, all brightly decorated by local artist Kendall.

Each bay has a theme: The main treatment room has taken on a circus theme, complete with dangling hoolahoops, a big top tent and fibre-optic lights.

Other themes include Under the Sea, Secret Garden, The Jungle and Down on the Farm.

Kendall captured her goal of incorporating bright colours and murals to provide talking points for the kids and take their minds off the emergency treatment.

Emergency department staff were thrilled with the new ward as previously children would have to be treated alongside other emergency patients including drunks and those that had been in serious accidents. 

Lisa Rasmussen, Nurse Unit Manager, said it could be quite daunting for children coming into the emergency department, and the separate ward area would greatly benefit patients and their parents.

"Children should not be exposed to the many things that occur in a busy emergency ward and this new area will help their treatment and make their stay a bit less stressful."

Wishlist thanks the organisers and sponsors of the 2010 Wishlist Spring Carnival gala for helping make this huge project a reality for the Coast's kids and their families.

The paediatric emergency ward has been taking kids since its inauguration in August 2011.

Renowned Coast artist Kendall finishes painting the "Secret Garden" themed bay before the launch on August 9, 2011.








Healing Therapy for Sick Kids at Nambour Hospital

A young cancer patient admitted to the Children’s Ward at Nambour General Hospital (NGH) lies listlessly in bed with mum at his side. Away from the familiar surroundings of home, friends and family, the young patient is anxious, depressive and complains of pain.

Like a welcome angel of distraction, a yoga therapist appears in his room and gently coaxes the child to try a few fun concentration and meditation exercises followed by a deep breathing technique using a feather, straw and glass of water. At first, the boy manages to exhale for just 3 seconds, but by the end of the exercise, he successfully manages to blow into the glass for a full 30 seconds. By the end of the session, the patient is upbeat and can recollect a few key ideas to help him manage feelings of anxiety.  

This true scenario has many variations from toddlers to teenagers, patients of the Children’s Ward at NGH and their families, all beneficiaries of a new $36,000 per year program which utilises yoga, music, play and diversionary therapy for the Coast’s paediatric patients. 

Paulene Rogers, NGH Children’s Ward Nurse Unit Manager, said she has already witnessed encouraging results from the program. “Having qualified therapists attend the ward reduces anxiety and insomnia for children facing ongoing medical treatment and helps the healing process through gentle physical activity,” she said.  “Music, play and yoga therapy encourages our paediatric patients to develop active coping strategies to manage their anxiety and stress.”

Yoga therapist Stacey Elmes of Yoga Palette has been successfully running similar programs for paediatric patients at Brisbane’s Royal Children’s Hospital, and said she was excited Sunshine Coast families could now benefit. “The sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the child, depending on their age, condition, mental state and ability to move,” Stacey explained. “Kids engage with the sessions because they are fun, interactive, and include stories, puppets, feathers, costumes, bubbles and stickers.”

Patients of the Children’s Ward at Nambour Hospital are the beneficiaries of this continuing program which utilises music, pet, yoga and play therapy as a healing and diversionary tool for the Coast’s paediatric patients.

From “Happy” the dog who walks the wards with her human owner and spreads smiles on the faces of young and old to the In Harmony music therapy sessions that draw sick children out of their present traumatised environment and into the magical world of melodies, the therapy has and is continuing to make a real difference in the Ward.

The initiative was funded by Wishlist with the help of local Woolworths Stores who donated a whopping $51,500 raised as a result of their 2012 & 2013 Woolworths Children Hospital Appeal

Michael Muller, Woolworths Children's Hospital Appeal Coordinator, said local Woolies managers keenly engage in the fundraising appeal and manage to exceed how much is raised annually. “The fundraising result shows how dedicated Sunshine Coast Woolworths managers are,” he said. “They create a friendly competitiveness between stores to outdo each other, and the result this year is phenomenal.”

The Diversional Therapy program is the cause for the 2013 Wishlist Spring Carnival which each year raised in excess of $100,000 for priority items on the 'wish list'.

Approximately $35,000 is currently allocated to this program each year but the Nambour Hospital's Director of Paediatrics, Tom Hurley, has stressed a need for therapists to attend on a more regular basis. Wishlist is hoping to raise more than $100,000 for this program at the event on September 20 at the Palmer Coolum Resort.