Juvenile Diabetes

Wishlist funds various initiatives aimed at supporting young people with juvenile diabetes.

One of the groups who attended Camp Diabetes 2010. A group of happy campers heading out to one of the diabetes camps Wishlist funds.

As part of Wishlist's support of juvenile diabetes programs on the Coast, designated internet-ready laptops were funded through Wishlist for the Sunshine Coast Diabetes Centre waiting room.

These give visiting young people the chance to access a Type 1 Diabetes Network offering online peer support.

Wishlist also funds ongoing twice-yearly events for adolescents and young people with Type 1 diabetes.

These events give local young people with the disease the opportunity for peer networking and telling their stories along with the chance to meet famous guest speakers with Type 1 Diabetes who share their experiences. 

Doctors also have the opportunity to inform the group about latest research and advances in technology.   

Wishlist funds the District's annual diabetes camps which provide invaluable support to local kids living with the disease.

Camp Diabetes is all about having "fun, fun, fun" while making a real difference to children and adolescents living with Type 1 Diabetes.

2018 Camp Dates:

Jelly Beans: Feb 23-25 & July 27-29

Sleep Over: April 20-22

Young Guns: June 15-17 & Nov 9-11

Gala Dinner - August 11

Week Long - Sept 23-28