The Wishlist Sky Bridge - Bridging the gap

The Wishlist Sky Bridge (now named the Doug Biggs Memorial Sky Bridge) has connected emergency accomodation centre Reed Charity House to Nambour Hospital, improving wheelchair access & significantly increasing the home’s user-friendliness for elderly, disabled and frail patients.

Reed Charity House

Since 2009, the $2million emergency accommodation centre Reed Charity House has provided comfortable, low cost accommodation for carers, family members and patients requiring ongoing medical treatment. Accommodation provided at Reed Charity House is a godsend for hundreds of patients and their families throughout the district who otherwise could simply not afford to stay near their loved one while they are undergoing treatment.

Reed Charity House was a collaborative project built by the Reed Charity Foundation, Wishlist, local building company RCQ and Sunshine Coast Rotary Clubs. The home is currently operated 24 hours a day by Australian Red Cross volunteers.


It's created safe night passage for those needing 24 hour medical services including cancer patients, mothers of premature babies in the special care nursery & family members of those in cardiac/intensive care.

There for patients & their loved ones

10-year-old Jodi had only just been released from the Royal Children’s Hospital where she was undergoing cancer treatment when her father suffered a devastating heart attack and was urgently admitted to Nambour hospital. 

The young cancer patient and her mum were extremely grateful to be able to stay at Reed Charity House, our emergency accommodation centre adjacent the hospital, where they could affordably and comfortably stay while Jodi’s father was in recovery.

Sadly, due to the extreme gradient of the hill up to the hospital and as she had just undergone chemotherapy,

Jodi’s frail state left her unable to climb the steep incline to visit her father.

Her mother had no choice but to try and carry her 10-year-old daughter up the hill to see her dad.

Another 68-year-old patient decided to stay at Reed Charity House on the night prior to her scheduled surgery so she’d be close enough to avoid any difficulties in making the long-awaited appointment.

The morning of her surgery she fell and injured her shoulder while walking up the incline to the hospital and her blood pressure was so high after the climb that the surgeon was forced to cancel.  

It is through stories like these that Wishlist understood how important it is to the comfort, safety and welfare of Reed Charity House residents that an alternate route to safely connect the home to Nambour Hospital was created as quickly as possible.

The intensely steep gradient of the hill combined with the home’s vertical driveway was proving difficult for the frail, elderly and disabled.

We are thrilled to announce the Wishlist Sky Bridge was finished and officially named the 'Doug Biggs Memorial Sky Bridge' in October 2012.