Calm Fairies

Stacey the Calm Fairy

Calm Fairies are a Wishlist funded diversional therapy for paediatric patients at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. 

Calm Fairies can assist to calm children before or during medical procedures as well as offering young patients lessons on meditation, breathing exercises, play activities and yoga sessions.
These relaxation and calming techniques teaches children how to reduce anxiety and keep a positive mindset, which is useful during and after their hospital stay.


Pictured: Cruz, 6, with Stacey from Calm Fairies. 


Can you help Wishlist, continue to provide diversional therapies for sick kids? 


This Calm Fairies Guided Relaxation video is for anxious kids of all ages (also works for adults!) It can be done before or after medical procedures; when feeling anxious; needing a rest; or to help induce sleep.
Watch Stacey the Calm Fairy, as she guides you to focus on different parts of the body. This will help you to focus an anxious mind and release tension from the body, whilst the slow breathing will help to switch the nervous system into the "calm" mode.