What we have funded

The people of our region have helped us fund:

$69,850 for a Specialised Spinal Bed for the Intensive Care Unit to help safely turn patients who have unstable spines.

$3,350 for aesthetic improvements to the Gympie Hospital Mortuary to create a caring and calming environment to assist grieving families.

$40,000 Transonic Machine is a potentially life-saving piece of equipment to help patients undergoing dialysis in the Renal Unit at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

$6,342 for the Brain Trainer Plus Program to help stroke patients in their recovery.

$9,350 for an AccuVein for the Adem Crosby Cancer Centre to aid in easier cannulation. 

$32,875 for Ophthalmology equipment to help diagnose and treat patients with sight issues.

$35,965 for an Ophthalmology cryotherapy device and handpieces for both children and adults with eye injuries presenting to Caloundra Hospital.

$9,350 for AccuVein equipment to aid in easier cannulation for babies and children.

$185,385 for a Family Room currently under construction in the Paediatric Critical Care Unit. This will have one bedroom, a bathroom, kitchenette and a fold-out sofa bed to help families stay together in times of medical crisis.

$72,365 for a Colposcope at Nambour Hospital to lessen patient wait times and aid faster diagnosis of women's cancers.

$4,154 for a Breast Milk Freezer to be placed in the birth suite at SCUH. This will give new mothers a location to safely and securely store expressed breast milk.

$10,725 for a Blanket Warmer for Ward 5D to provide comfort to palliative care and cancer patients.

$8,011 for a Mortuary Refurbishment to lessen the sterile nature of the viewing space and its impact on bereaved families.   

$41,500 for Gestational Diabetes App for pregnant mothers newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels. This app will allow another 500 mothers to join the program.

$33,000 for Rhino-laryngoscope with video monitoring for cancer patients undergoing radiation at the Adem Crosby Centre.

$13,000 for Emergency Department Paediatric Airway Trolleys for use with children at Nambour, Gympie, Maleny and Sunshine Coast University Hospitals.

$11,183 to gift Wishlist Care Packs with essential items to vulnerable patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

$2,350 for Tumble Form Chairs to position children with possible physical, cognitive and feeding conditions eg. prematurity of birth, seizure disorders, cerebral palsy, infantile stroke, low postural control and tone, genetic and chromosomal abnormalities and other physical disabilities.

$3,000 for Young Adult Clinic Transition Program through the Department of Endocrinology, thanks to the 2019 92.7 Mix FM's Give Me 5 For Kids Appeal.

$3,923 for an Intra Oral Camera for Noosa District Oral Health.

$2,100 for DVDs and iPads for children to use as distractive therapy during long stays in hospital.

$2,475 for iPads for distraction therapy and to keep elderley patients connected to their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

$30,000 for resources for the Child Protection Unit for children entering Out-Of-Home Care & from vulnerable families, thanks to funds raised at the Sunshine Coast Local Medical Association's Gala Celebration, a grant awarded by the Children's Hospital Foundation and the provision of pjs and bag packs from Sunshine Coast Grammar School.

$21,746 for the BreastScreen Service lighting & sensory distraction for their screening and assessment suites, thanks to funds raised at the Wishlist Melbourne Cup.

$9,380 for an Early Rehabilitation Tilt-in-space wheelchair for the Paediatric Critical Care Unit at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, thanks to a grant awarded by the Children's Hospital Foundation and Tab Corp.

$33,000 for a portable ultrasound for Maternity Outreach Clinics at Noosa, Maroochydore and Caloundra, thanks to the Woolworths Wall Token Appeal and the Children's Hospital Foundation.

$3,000 for resources for the Gympie Hospital's Paediatric Ward to improve language and cognitive skills in children, thanks to a grant awarded by the Children's Hospital Foundation.

$130,000 for Transport Equipment for critically unwell children for the Paediatric Critical Care Units across the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, with thanks to the 92.7 Mix FM Give Me 5 For Kids annual appeal.

$5,000 for a Hearing Assistance Kit and Resources for the Emergency Departments across the SCHHS to improve communication with hearing impaired patients, thanks to the Honda Foundation.

$15,812 for assessment tools and resources to facilitate a Gympie outreach programme for the Child Development Service, thanks to the 2018 Woolworths Wall Token Appeal.

$8,845 for resources to support the paediatric diabetes services at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and Gympie Hospital, including an insulin pump, 5 Libre testing kits and 15 kids sponsored to attend Camp Diabetes. Made possible thanks to the 2018 Woolworths Wall Token Appeal. 

$18,425 for a video laryngoscope for Womens and Families at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.  This laryngoscope will help with intubation of babies down to 29 weeks gestation, with thanks to the 2018 Woolworths Wall Token Appeal.

$8,095 for SOZO ImpediMed's proven L-Dex technology that measures & displays lymphoedema index for Allied Health Department at Gympie Hospital.

$19,532 for a paediatric Telehealth Service at Gympie Hospital to connect young patients with specialists at SCUH.


$5,442 for an edible and therapeutic garden for Glenbrook Aged Care.


$5,000 for a Sensory Garden for mental health patients receiving treatment in the Older Persons Mental Health Unit at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.


$21,290 for a LUCAS chest compression system for the Cardiac Cath Lab at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.


$4,000 for iPads to be used by paediatric patients as a distraction tool while in the operating suite.


$1,200 for voice recorders and associated equipment for the Client Biography Service at the Dove Palliative Care Unit at Caloundra Hospital.


$4,088 for a Masimo Sleep Study Monitor and equipment for the Paediatric and Women's Health Unit at Gympie Hospital.


$82,000 for two paediatric ventilators for the Nambour Hospital and Sunshine Coast University Hospital emergency departments.


$30,000 for a Dementia Garden at the Acute and Restorative Care Unit at Nambour Hospital. Due to circumstances beyond our control relating to the $86 million Nambour Hospital redevelopment, this project is currently on hold. Work will begin as soon as the redevelopment project allows.


$30,697 for a C-MAC Laryngoscope for Gympie Emergency Unit for difficult airway management, as fundraised by the 2017 Children's Hospital Foundation Woolworths Wall Token Appeal. 


$33,000 for a neuro-perfusion package to assist stroke victims at Gympie Hospital.


$25,000 for equipment for a Queensland-first integrated Exercise Physiology Service for cancer patients accessing care across the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.


$9135 for a Cough Assist E70 for patients being treated by the Sunshine Coast University Hospital Respiratory team. This equipment improves patient lives and gives clinicians new tools to enhance therapy.


$7946 for four single sofa chairs/beds for cancer, haematology and palliative care patients. This will enable more family time for patients and families. 


$1.4 million for the relocation and refurbishment of the Cancer Centre at Nambour Hospital.

$122,500 for a General Surgery Flex Focus 800 B-K Ultrasound to assist surgeons to see potentially-cancerous tumours and lesions in ‘real time’ during operations on the liver or pancreas.

$20,000 in Paediatric Advanced Life Support training for 10 staff members.

$218,400 to fund two years of the Sunshine Coast Clown Doctor program and bring laughter therapy to sick children.

$430,000 worth of ophthalmology equipment to vastly expand and improve public eye services at Caloundra Hospital.

$130,000 on Ear, Nose and Throat equipment for Nambour Hospital's Surgical Services to treat paediatric patients and patients from intensive care and emergency.

$118,200 to purchase an ultrasound for prostate biopsy.

$114,000 to create a specially-designed emergency paediatric department at Nambour Hospital.

$2.5 million Reed Charity House - the accommodation centre supporting the needs of Nambour Hospital.

$300,000 to build a sky bridge to link Reed Charity House to the hospital.

$220,000 to provide continued funding for SCKoping camps and sessions which provides support for local children who live in a family system affected by parents or siblings with mental health or drug and alcohol conditions.

$62,158 to provide continued funding of juvenile diabetes programs, including twice-yearly events for adolescents and young people with Type 1 Diabetes.

$315,000 to purchase an Endoscopic Bronchial Ultrasound (EBUS) that accurately diagnoses stages of lung cancer in local patients.

$112,000 for Paediatric Family Rooms at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. The project provides several rooms and lounges for parents to relax and retreat from the clinical environment of the Children’s Ward while still being in close proximity to their bed-bound child.  

$44,012 for music therapy at Dove Palliative Care in Caloundra. The program will run until 2020 at 15 hours per week.

$7,657 for an Operating Hysteroscope for the Perioperative Day Surgery Unit at Gympie Hospital.