Research Grants

As part of our $1million commitment to Sunshine Coast health services, Wishlist has an annual research grant round.

Watch this 7 News report outlining an important research project by the Sunshine Coast's own Dr Jennifer Broom which looks at the prescribing (and often over-prescribing) of antibiotics in Australian Hospitals. Wishlist awarded $48,762 to Dr Broom in our 2013 Research Funding Round for this ground-breaking project.


Please revisit this page for updates as to when the next grant round will open. Information required in your application will be similar to the 2017 Application Form below, so please do not delay your preparation.

There will be two categories in the next round:

1. Experienced Researcher

2. Early Career Researcher

For eligibility criteria for each category, please email


Wishlist Research Advice to Applicants

Wishlist Research Application Form (NOW CLOSED)


  • The objectives of the Wishlist Research Grants are to:
  • Enhance health outcomes by financially supporting research;
  • Encourage novice and early career researchers in developing a research career;
  • Support experienced researchers to become active leaders in research in their field;
  • Promote a positive research culture that translates into improvements in health care;
  • Promote innovative health care through identifying and implementing evidence-based practices and developing an ongoing culture of learning.

Scope of Wishlist grant scheme

Applications for funding should fall within the scope of the Wishlist Research Grants scheme. Projects should address at least one of the following:

  • Be directly relevant to clinical practice and health care outcomes for patients in this Health Service;
  • Promote evidence-based workforce practices through improvements in procedures and workforce knowledge;
  • Address areas of significant disease burden relevant to the health of the broader National or International community; or
  • Facilitate collaborative partnerships between government, non-government and research sectors in Queensland.

Grant Categories

Wishlist provides support to researchers through three grant categories:

Category 1: Experienced Researcher – Projects will be funded to a maximum of $50,000 and may extend to two years.

Category 2: Early Career Researcher – Projects will be funded to a maximum of $20,000 for one year.

Category 3: Novice Researcher – Projects will be funded to a maximum of $10,000 for one year.


Please note: Researchers who  been succesful in securing funding through the Wishlist Research Grant scheme must now fill in a progress report along with a final report.

View the Wishlist Research Grants Progress Report 2018

View the Wishlist Research Grant Final Report 2018

View the Wishlist RHD Scholarship Progress Report 2018

View the Wishlist RHD Scholarship Final Report 2018



The Research Higher Degree Scholarships are designed to support SCHHS staff undertaking or planning to undertake a Research Higher Degree (usually a Masters or PhD by research). The scholarships are designed to provide funding support for a range of activities specifically associated with the Research Higher Degree. This can include support for conference travel, costs of conducting the research project, research assistant support or a living stipend/backfill for SCHHS duties.

SCHHS staff wishing to apply for a Research Higher Degree Scholarship are required to complete a separate application form located here.

Click here to view the Research Higher Degree Funding Guidelines and Advice to Applicants.

For further information, please contact Wishlist.