Quik Corp

Quik Corp has been working alongside local communities for over 30 years, manufacturing life-saving firefighting and emergency services equipment that is used to protect and enhance the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across Australia.

Quik Corp have a commitment to enact positive changes on local communities and the environment, as they believe in creating products that empower people to do great things. Their investment in the local community has helped to strengthen Australian-made manufacturing and they keep all processes in-house, providing jobs to over 80 people locally and over 180 people across our 5 sites in Australia.

Quik Corp's people drive their business and their fire appliances are built by local volunteer firefighters who have unrivalled experience in the fighting bushfires. Their real-life experience creates a culture of quality and know how which is paramount to the evolution of their products used in frontline firefighting situations.

“Giving back is something that we find very rewarding and it’s important to us to support our local community”

Sustainable Solutions Now and in the future

Sustainable solutions are becoming a high priority for the general public and a cornerstone of our commitment to the environment. Quik Corp is also a key supplier of sustainably sourced organic weed control products and chemical free applicators which promote the use of chemical-free weed control in and around local schools and public areas. Our organically certified products include BioWeed Organic Herbicide and it is fully certified by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority providing an alternative for targeting weeds in public areas and helping to reduce the use of synthetic herbicides in sensitive areas.  

They are also proud winners of the 2016 Telstra Medium Business of the Year and the Telstra Queensland Business of the Year for 2016.

Quik Corp have become a corporate partner of Wishlist to give back and support the local Sunshine Coast community.

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