McDermott Aviation

Wishlist has taken to the skies thanks to a partnership with McDermott Aviation – Australia’s largest privately owned and operated heli-aviation company.

The partnership sees Wishlist’s daisy logo soaring over the Sunshine Coast on some of the company’s helicopter and fixed-wing fleet.

The partnership supports Wishlist’s work funding medical research projects, medical equipment, staff education, and support services including music therapy, the local Clown Doctor service and so much more.       

McDermott Group Managing Director Simon McDermott said the partnership originated off the back of the 2017 Wishlist Spring Carnival when the company flew hosts Mark Beretta and Natalie Barr into Twin Waters Resort for the event.

“I saw the outcome of the day and we really wanted to be a part of it,” Mr McDermott said.

“We have 150 odd staff here on the Coast so improving the Sunshine Coast’s public health service is of benefit to us all.

“Our employees all have families and at some point in time they might need the help of a local hospital."

McDermott Aviation was established in 1982 providing aerial application operations from lifting, mosquito and fire ant control, search and rescue operations, charter and freight, firefighting, aero-medical evacuations, natural disaster recovery assistance and more.


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