FTA Accountants

FTA Accountants are a progressive accounting firm with expertise in a range of financial areas.

As a comprehensive accounting firm, FTA Accountants offer a strikingly diverse range of traditional and non-traditional accounting services to meet your needs. This is why they say that they are your bank, accountant, advisor and solicitor.

Their services include accounting & compliance, superanuation, business development & growth, financial planning & services, finance & lending, legal services, audit services, agriprofessionals.

From ensuring you get the most out of your annual tax returns, to keeping your will up to date, and making sure you leverage into investments using the right financial loans, FTA Accountants have got you covered. Using a tailored, structured process, the FTA Accountants advisory team will quickly become an invaluable part of your wealth building plans.

Robert Thornthwaite heads up the Sunshine Coast office. With over 15 years experience in advising on a myriad of financial issues he is always eager to meet new people and hear their story. "Each one is different and all of them are interesting."

If you need advice on anything financial please do not hesitate to contact Rob.

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Phone: 5409 2300