Bequests: A Gift For Future Generations

Make your Will a legacy for families on the Sunshine Coast

Making a Will can save your family and friends stress, money and time. It provides you the opportunity to state who will benefit from your estate which may include bequests to charitable donations such as Wishlist.

A bequest is simply a gift that is written in your Will.

Naturally, you will wish to ensure that your family is provided for first. After this you may decide to direct a gift of cash, property shares or other investments to help improve medical services and enable ground-breaking research to enhance the lives of future generations. You can choose to leave a gift for a particular research area or department, or you may allow us to allocate it to a priority need identified at the time.

Whatever the size or form of your bequest, this gift is one of the most important ways you can make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of families on the Sunshine Coast.

How do I leave a gift?

Leaving a gift in your Will to Wishlist is a simple process.

If you haven’t already done your Will, you can take advantage of our Free Will Service by contacting Wishlist’s pro-bono legal team at Butler McDermott Lawyers on 5441 1044, or the Wishlist office for more information.

You can also contact your solicitor or the executer of your Will to let them know you would like to include Wishlist in your Will. As your Will is a legal document, it is important to have the correct wording to ensure your wishes for a bequest are carried out successfully.

We are very grateful to those that generously remember us and help pave the way for exceptional healthcare and vital research now and into the future.

We acknowledge all gifts of more than $5,000 on the Wishlist Honour Wall in our reception.

What can I give?

  • Cash
  • Property
  • Shares
  • Personal items
  • A specified amount
  • Percentage of money from your estate
  • A specific asset from your estate
  • A perpetual gift
  • Residuary bequest


CLICK HERE to download the clause for a general bequest to wishlist or for with a specific purpose.

Your gift

Thank you for considering the inclusion of a bequest to Wishlist in your Will.

Your gift will create a lasting legacy to future generations on the Sunshine Coast and help us meet our long-term commitment to enhance local medical services and undertake vital medical research.

We understand that making a Will is a very personal matter. However, if you do intend making Wishlist one of your beneficiaries, or already have done so, it would be a great help if you could let us know. Please email us or give us a call on (07) 5202 1777.

This will give our foundation the opportunity to acknowledge and recognise your generosity, privately and anonymously. Any information you give us will of course be strictly confidential.