Give Me 5 - 20 Years of Memories

Since 2000, 92.7 MIX FM's Give Me 5 For Kids has made a priceless difference to the lives of the children of the Sunshine Coast and their families. The month-long appeal held in June each year has raised a total of more than $5.5 million for the needs of local paediatric patients.

The appeal has always provided the extras that simply would not be available to our families if it weren't for the generosity of the Sunshine Coast community. 

Every year all proceeds raised are directed towards the needs of our local children's ward, paediatric critical care unit, emergency and outpatients departments and more to purchase new equipment, educate our health staff and provide services that simply wouldn't be available to families without Give Me 5. All donations have made a child's hospital stay a little bit brighter.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in 20 years of Mix FM's Give Me 5 for Kids.


How your donations have made a difference

2019  $500,644

In 2019 we purchased equipment to facilitate the inter-hospital transfer of critically sick or injured children in an ambulance, reducing delays and the potential deterioration of the child's condition by getting them where they need to be more quickly.

We also funded an extra day each week of the local Clown Doctor service (now 3 days a week), additional hours for the priceless yoga therapist that visits the Childrens Ward (particularly beneficial during the COVID crisis), reconditioned lead gowns for children undergoing imaging procedures, dolls for childbirth classes, more equipment for the Childrens Ward music therapist (funded by Mix FM and The House the Coast Built for many years and now funded by the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service), a young adult transition programme, more training and more resources for distraction therapy.

2018  $606,096

In 2018 we raised funds to buy the land for The House The Coast Built (Wishlist House), to provide a haven to families needing to be close to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital for treatment or to be close to a child in hospital. The home serves to keep families together in a crisis and we all know what a difference that makes when you're scared or unwell.

Thanks to Ausmar Homes, MIx FM's Give Me 5 for Kids and so many generous businesses and families Wishlist House provided a sanctuary for the first of many families on 27th May 2020. On the opening night two families relaxed in this magnificent home and another family accessed Wishlist's Reed House at Nambour because Wishlist House rooms were full. This beautiful gift will benefit countless families for years to come, and we've seen firsthand how grateful these families are.

Funds raised this year also purchased a video laryngoscope for the neonatal unit, two kanmed beds (heated water mattresses) to enable tiny babies to move from the incubators earlier, muslin wraps, childrens books and other resources for the birthing and neonatal unit, and breastfeeding stools, along with a range of distractive therapy resources and training for staff in paediatric areas across our hospitals.

2017  $403,689

Funds raised in 2017 went towards two paediatric ventilators at the Sunshine Coast University and Nambour Hospital Emergency Departments, an extension to the yoga and pet therapy & local Clown Doctor services and the installation of state-of-the-art digital interactive displays for child-friendly waiting areas at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital including the Paediatric Outpatients, Emergency Unit and the Childrens Ward. 

This year's appeal also funded colourful finishing touches to the beautiful, but very clinical, paeadiatric walls and windows in the Emergency, Outpatients and PCCU areas of SCUH, as well as the wonderfully colourful portholes that line the walls to the entrance to the Womens and Families Unit.

2016  $373,822

Funds raised in 2016 further supported the unprecedented $1.4million funding commitment MIX FM's Give Me 5 for Kids made to the growth of the Coast's Child Development Service. See 2014, the year the service relocated, for more details on this special project that continues to benefit countless children and families.

This year we also contributed to the local Clown Doctor service, music and yoga therapy and the final year of the free TV Hire and Wi-Fi service at the Childrens Ward at Nambour Hospital before the move to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH).

2015  $312,586

Proceeds from 2015's appeal were directed to the growth of the local Child Development Service, along with a CMAC video laryngcoscope for Emergency at Nambour, an Obstetric mannequin for training in the Birth Suite, sofa beds in the Childrens Ward and other equipment, staff training and the free 24/7 hire of television services in the Ward.

2014  $300,177

In 2014 we relocated the team of paediatricians, Allied Health specialists and administratiive staff from their close confines at the Child Development Service Nambour Hospital to a much more suitable location at Wises Rd.

It had been the dream of then Director of Paediatrics, Dr Tom Hurley, to relocate the team to non-clinical space so they could work more efficiently and effectively with their children, many of whom reacted negatively to the sights, smells and sounds of a hospital setting.

The team was also limited to working with children under the age of six. This meant families with children with behavioural and developmental issues, and children with spectrum disorders had little option but to pay for private paediatric support once their children started school.

With funds from MIX FM's Give Me 5 for Kids and Run Sunshine Coast we leased commercial space for three years.   We fitted out the space with resources including gym equipment, new developmental assessment kits, IT equipment and two-way cameras and we fitted sinks in what became treatment rooms. 

The team moved into their new space in October 2014 and thanks to MIX FM's Give Me 5 for Kids we further helped grow the team to meet demand by funding 6 staff to work an extra day a week, for the next three years.

The waiting list for children under six years of age was more than nine months at the time the team relocated. In the first year more than 200 children of school age had been assessed and referred for treatment for behavioural and developmental issues that only presented once they got to school.   

This $1.4million commitment to the growth of the local Child Development Service is the biggest project funded by MIX FM's Give Me 5 for Kids.  

Today, the Child Development Service is located at Caloundra Hospital. Children continue to benefit every day from the growth of the team and the service facilitated by MIX FM's Give Me 5 for Kids from 2013 to 2017 and everyone who supported the appeal during that time.

Believe it or not we also funded more sofa beds (for overnight stays), birthstools, neonatal resucitation cots, a paediatric resusitation cart, child health equipment to promote breastfeeding, electronic thermometers, I-stat machines, play equipment for the paediatric outpatients, vital signs spot monitors and Child Youth Family and Health Speech Pathology resources in 2014.

2013  $285,295

Thanks to Sunshine Toyota the 2013 appeal contributed another vehicle to facilitate a visit from a Child Health Nurse to new mums in their homes. 

We also directed some of this year's funding towards the relocation fo the local Child Developement Service to the new location at Wises Rd, Maroochydore.   

We also started a free wifi service in the Childrens Ward at Nambour Hospital and continued our annual commitment to 24/7 free TV hire in the Childrens Ward at Nambour Hospital. Without this parents and children were required to pay before they received access to television.  

2012  $256,880

Proceeds of the 2012 appeal built a magnficent rooftop garden outside the Children's Ward at Nambour Hospital. For the first time child patients and families had a place to escape the ward and play in the train and "feed" the safari animals grazing in the garden. The door was changed to allow a bed to be wheeled outside so even bed-bound children could get some fresh air and sunshine. Local artist Kendall and her daughters Hatsie and Brydie painted murals in the garden and throughout the Childrens Ward.

We also funded a CO2 monitor, six sofa beds for overnight stays in the Childrens Ward, free 24/7 TV hire in the Childrens Ward at Nambour Hospital, Development Assessment Tools, Birth Stools,trays for the neonatal resuscitation bots, speech pathology resources for the paediatric outpatients unit, a blood pressure monitor for the Community Child Health Service, the Kids Alive Paediatric Resuscitation Cart for the Intensive Care Unit, Vital Signs monitors for the Childrens Ward, family seating and paediatric equipment in Emergency at Nambour Hospital, an IStat machine for both Birthsuite and the Special Care Nursery and more training for paediatric staff!

2011  $253,133

In 2011 we started a longstanding commitment to supporting new mums in their home environment, by providing a car to the Extended Midwifery Service. Since this time our Child Health Nurses and Lactation Consultants visit mums across the Coast to help with concerns about their new babies, and help ensure the home environment is a safe and comfortable is possible for both mum and bub. Thanks to MIX FM's Give Me 5 for Kids and Sunshine Toyota this service continues to this day.

We also bought play equipment for paediatric outpatients, education resources for paediatric oncology patients and provided funding for training to 20 nurses attending the Emergency Nursing Paediatric course. In addition, Ear, Nose & Throat surgical instruments, diversional therapy resources, a paediatric assessment and treatment area, resources for all child and family health services, the Drum Beats programme with school based nurses, 4 sofa beds and 6 additional mattresses for the Childrens Ward, examination couches for the maternity ward and specialised equipment and assessment tools for babies and children of the Child Development Service with complex developmental needs.

2000 - 2010  $2,193,301

This is not a comprehensive list of everything funded by MIX FM's Give Me 5 for Kids during this time but it gives an idea of the diversity of support that's been provided to paediatric areas thanks to the annual radio appeal.

In the year 2000 MIX FM's Give Me 5 for Kids came to be when local radio announcers Caroline Hutchinson and Peter Lang called on the community to "give 5 cents" to fund a transport cot needed by the Special Care Baby Unit at Nambour Hospital.  This equipment was used during helicopter retrievals and transfers of infants and was badly needed at the time, due to being out of the scope of the hospital budget. The Coast set about providing this equipment and never stopped!

Since 2000 Mix FM's Give Me 5 for Kids has funded equipment, services education and research projects that benefit local children including :

Training for local emergency, intensive care and operating room nurses,doctors and other health workers paediatric ventilators, television and DVD players for waiting rooms at school clinics, walkmans for vans and clinincs, portable DVD players, Sony CD players, CD's, electric breast pumps, toiletery aids and paediatric tables and chairs and toys in waiting areas across local hospitals, cameras for the birth suites, dopplers, ECGs, lifepak defibrillators, stereos for mother's rooms in the maternity ward, oxygen saturation montiors, fitting and supplying child safe cold/hot water tap to mother's room in maternity, digital scales, chairs for nursing mothers, sofa beds, breast pumps, giraffe omnibeds, textbook for neonatal resuscitation, bilibeds, Kanmed waterbeds, oxygen analysing cots, a twin cot, a propak monitor with screen, ventilator accessories, oxygen monitors, dash machines, bili-blankets, infant warmers, Mars pulse oxometers, cosy cot infant warmer, a cardiac monitor, an infant ventilator, an ophthalmoscope, toys, educational equipment, a twin CTG machine, curtains, dopplers and support equipment, toys for patient treatment area, large screen monitor and pendant system in paediatric rususcitation bay, emergency nursing paediatric course, infant scales, diagnositic equipment, murals, a triage play area, a remote controlled jeep to transport children from their hospital bed to the anaesthetics department for surgery prep, colouring kits, stamps, stickers, textbooks for paediatric dermatology and clinical paediatric neurology, mobiles and cot toys, breast pumps and stands, a digital camera with macro, pressure mattresses, fraser chairs, paediatric chair scales, splint packs, wheel chairs, suction pumps, vital signs monitors, a patient trolley, a paediatric anaesthetic trolley, mobile aneroid, sphyg, thermometer bracket, clothes, aquarium baby rocker, woods lamps, prams, recliner wheelchair, defibrillator, Playstations, Billibed, little chairs, IV paediatric monitors, panoptoscope, suction pumps, colouring kits, murals/stickers, game cubes, misc DVD's, trolleys, TV, respitory humidifier, TV and campaign, a Hippo examination table and paediatric oximeters and equipment to set up outpatient consult-rooms as kid-friendly, paediatric cystoscope, paediatric tourniquets, padding for trolleys, musical mobiles, electrodes, light bench seats, trolley side rails, glidescope, paediatric rectal biopsy gun, framing of posters, range of childfriendly equipment, range of paediatric surgery equipment, recliner chairs, paediatric rotating backing forceps, split lamp, on-line textbooks, manual books and textbooks, paediatric choleod fibrescope, laparoscopic traumatic ripple grasper, suction irrigation, paediatric laparoscopic bullnose grasper, plaster trolley for emergency theatre, breastpump, MRI room paediatric sensor kit and cable, telemedicine units and related equipment, vaccination fridge, ohmeda trans-eluminator cold light, CPAP, allied health bumbo sitter, bumbo tray, leckey pronestander, allied health resources, MEND programme, newporn and family drop in lifebridge centre equipment for facility, paediatric textbooks, platfrom swing for vestibular stimulation, paediatric splinting selection, fabrication, and clinical application of upper extremity splints, clinical evaluation of language fundamentals, sensory profile software, various games and toys.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in 20 years of Mix FM's Give Me 5 for Kids.

From Wishlist and Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service team