Australian Doctors Orchestra

Join us this Mother's Day for a special performance by 100 medical professionals, with all proceeds from ticket sales being donated to Wishlist.

All members of the orchestra are lovingly donating their time for this extraordinary event.

The concert will be performed under the baton of maestro Warwick Potter. It will commence with Shostakovich's Festival Overture, feature the acclaimed pianist Liam Viney performing Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, and will conclude with Rachmaninoff's Symphony Number 2

WHEN: Sunday 12 May, from 2pm
WHERE: Venue 114, 114 Sportsmans Pde Bokarina
TICKETS: $35 per person



The history of the music

The Shostakovich Festival Overture was written to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the October Revolution [one of the final events prior to the unification of the Soviet Russia]. It was famously featured in the 1980 Summer Olympics. 

Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue was commissioned in 1924 by jazz bandleader Paul Whiteman as “an experiment in Modern Music” - mixing jazz forms with classical instrumentation. Initially starting off life as a work for solo piano and augmented jazz band, it was reorchestrated in 1942 for full symphony orchestra. Gershwin famously forgot about writing this work until the very last minute, where a very excited newspaper critic in the New York Tribune claimed that he was already hard at work!

The Rachmaninoff Second Symphony (1908) is a work of redemption following the composer’s initial failure with his first symphony (1897) and first piano concerto. Following some minor success as a conductor for the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, and the successful premiere of his second piano concerto (1904), Rachmaninoff still lacked confidence in symphonic writing. He moved his wife and infant daughter to Dresden to escape the political events of the Soviet Union at the time and began revising his musical sketches into what is now known as one of his finest works. The symphony features a spectacular clarinet solo in the third movement and is one of the most loved works of the 20th century repertoire. 

About the Australian Doctors Orchestra

The Australian Doctors Orchestra (ADO) is a unique national fellowship of medical professionals who are also classically trained musicians. Since their first concert in 1993, the orchestra has played a concert every year and in every state, using each occasion to raise funds for charity.

Players pay a subscription fee, and meet all of their own costs, including travel and accommodation. They are sent the music scores a couple of months prior to the concert. They watch recordings by other performers to help them familiarize themselves with the music, and practice in our own time. They then meet at the venue for rehearsals all day Friday and Saturday, as well as on Sunday morning, and finally perform at the concert on Sunday afternoon.

Read more about the players here.