Donation Terms & Conditions



  • Personal information – Wishlist will undertake all reasonable steps to ensure personal information, including credit card details are kept confidential.
  • Automatic payments – Wishlist will ensure the terms of the automatic payment arrangements as signed by the participant.  Wishlist undertakes to debit my nominated debit/credit card for the agreed period and will ensure the first drawing will occur on the date I have requested.  The second and subsequent drawings will also occur at the frequency requested.
  • Consolidate receipt – Wishlist will ensure that I am sent an end of financial year consolidated receipt in a timely manner.  Deductions over $2 are tax deductible.


  • Making changes – I will aim to ensure that I contact Wishlist at least 2 weeks prior to the next due date of my gift if I want to make any changes.  These changes may include, but are not limited to, deferring the amount, stopping an individual debit, changing debit/credit card details or cancelling the payments completely.
  • Communications – I will aim to ensure that I include my full name and email address.
  • Sufficient funds and account details – I will aim to ensure that there are sufficient cleared funds in my nominated debit/credit card on the drawing date.  I will advise Wishlist if my nominated account is transferred or closed.  If an automatic payment item is returned unpaid by my financial institution, due to insufficient funds, Wishlist will contact me for permission to resubmit.
  • Cancellation of payments – I understand that Wishlist reserve the right to cancel my automatic payment if two (2) or more automatic payments are returned unpaid by my financial institution.  Wishlist will attempt to contact me by telephone and/or email to arrange an alternative payment method or updated / new debit/credit card details.
  • Incorrect payments – I will contact Wishlist if I believe that a drawing has been initiated incorrectly.  If I do not receive a satisfactory response from Wishlist, I will contact my financial institution who will respond to me with an answer to my claim and may in turn contact you.  I will receive a refund of the drawing amount if Wishlist cannot substantiate the reason for the drawing.