Our Mission  

To work in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (SCHHS) and the Sunshine Coast community to promote healthy living, empower and revitalise frontline staff and infrastructure by enhancing services through the provision of medical equipment, service support, education and research in line with local priorities.

Our vision

To create a healthier Sunshine Coast community with access to the best medical services, equipment, research and advice. 

our Values

Wishlist will seek to achieve it's mission with integrity, compassion and respect as a locally focused, professional and innovative Sunshine Coast charity.

Wishlist adheres to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct adopted by the Fundraising Institute of Australia.

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Our Hospitals

Wishlist serves all areas of the local public health system and is committed to fundraising for a range of equipment needed throughout the district which currently includes the 4 main public hospitals along with numerous ancillary services that make up our local public health system. The Sunshine Coast University Hospital will be included in 2016. Read more by visiting each hospital link below:

All of Wishlist's operational costs are covered by the profits of the multi-level car park behind Nambour Hospital. Surplus profits are injected back into the local health system by way of an annual staff scholarship grant worth up to $100,000 to subsidise training for the SCHHS clinical and administrative staff. This means donors can rest assured that their donations directly benefit the Coast's public patients and are not trickled away in administrative costs.

Every cent donated or raised stays here on the Sunshine Coast for the benefit of our local community.